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Friday, April 16, 2010

Social Media Optimisation For Seo – A 21St Century Marketing Strategy

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Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Buzz are just four of the main players at the forefront of the Social Media revolution and are gaining in popularity in each day not just for tech savvy individuals but for businesses as well. The popularity of Social Media sites for individuals is obvious, it enables them to share news, views and on a base level communicate without e-mailing or texting. For business the benefits aren’t quite as obvious but free advertising is probably the thing that encourages them to sign up in the first instance.
When a business sets up an account on a Social Media site they are in effect putting themselves, products and services in the shop window for all to see and although the vast majority of people would probably just glance at their profile and move on there are a small minority that will be interested and take note. The respect in which some these Social Media sites are held in by Google and co is also a contributory factor in a company setting up a profile and this is where a number of Search Engine Optimisation companies have seen a real opportunity to broaden the portfolio of services they offer.
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an ever evolving industry and experts in the field were quick to recognise the enhanced search rankings and overall web presence that effective Social Media optimisation could bring to a website. SMO in conjunction with a comprehensive SEO campaign can help website owners increase their inbound traffic significantly. Typically, the content on Social Media sites is constantly updated and if there is one thing that search engines like its fresh content and as a result will cache the site and the inbound link contained within more regularly which ultimately heightens the authority in which the site is regarded by Google and the like.
Many people dismiss the Social Media sites as a waste of time and trivial but this far from the truth especially in regard to enhancing a company’s online profile. Setting up and maintaining the Social Media pages for a company on a plethora of sites is generally very time consuming so it may be prudent to engage the services of an SEO company that specialise in SMO as an additional service.
by Andy Birt
Managing Director

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