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Saturday, April 10, 2010

JumpStart - Increase YouTube Views

JumpStart is a revolutionary program that sends real untargeted traffic to your videos to increase its views and improve your videos rankings. Any expert marketer knows, a video on YouTube is worthless without views, as it will rank lower and end up being on the last page of search results. Unlike previous software to increase views, JumpStart does NOT require you to leave your computer on while it sends traffic to your videos! It is not a “bot” and does not violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. The technology used is like none other on the market.
When you upload a video onto YouTube, you might notice that your view count is increasing incredibly slow. Sometimes even less than 10 hits per day... This is because your video is showing up on the last page of search results. Think about the last time you browsed all the way to the last page of search results to find what you were looking for... probably never.
If you have more views, your video will not only show up on earlier search pages, but will be recommended to others via YouTube's related videos function. Your video may even be featured on YouTube's Global Homepage! (if its worthy enough).
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