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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gumblar, Google is depending on the virus

Malicious websites attempt to install spyware ...
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More recently visited the online world, the news that a virus will change to Google's search results and sites contaminated with lead unsuspecting Internet.
The operation of a pest Gumblar student named briefly as follows: out-of-date Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF Reader) or Adobe Flash Player (media player) safety programs through the crevices into the user's computer, which then tries to collect the passwords stored on the Internet and used.
If they get in a number of Internet web site operating server, you can infect everything he can. It aims to install the downloaded code itself, which is to extend itself further, and is likely to be infected machine it will be the "background" is a network of PCs so that they may not know what the owners.
In addition to computers, you have already installed the Google search results list will be updated as: web pages are the first places in which new viruses, spyware or ad-collecting in the unsuspecting user.
The system continuously monitors the web pages stored in it "purity", and thus indicates to you if something is wrong in the face. If you do not have nuclear-defense system on your computer, do not click on such links, since the pests are usually slipped into the machine, so that you do not buy it.
It is therefore important to pay attention to this virus, since the number of infected Web sites is increasing. Of course, the owners of these servers also act to control, and this record has been made, but also very much depends on the users. In addition to regularly update and run anti-virus software should be, we must pay attention to the above-mentioned programs are updated.
The virus hunter's proposal for new users:
Every day, faced with the problem that the news reports, almost without thinking to take over the Google-related news, it does not say anything useful.
The initial users of the primary, I propose that if such a reading news, you can begin your search for more specific descriptions, solutions. Because, although they exist only to be found.
Gumblar name of the worm have the option of about 1 year. In addition, easy, two applications should be updated to the current version.
One of the worldwide spread, everyone is familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and the other is required to play the online video, Adobe Flash Player.
In the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Pdf format documents can be read easily, the Adobe Flash Player is integrated into the browser, and the purpose of which is to be found on the web video, we can smoothly and safely.
I know it's a start, perhaps even for the Chinese, but the computer is: Yesterday is not yet understood, it is now used, could be tomorrow that I teach!

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