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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gabor Keller - DandyID

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DandyID provides a set of tools that help you to collect, manage, and own your online identity.

Just like what defines you in the offline world is a collection of the things you do, the people you interact with, and the places you go, your online self is a collection of the things you do and the people you meet across the web. Unfortunately because the web is so big, that identity is usually scattered around a bunch of different sites that don't always communicate with one another. DandyID helps you bring together all the pieces that make up the real you, and share the bits you want to share.

DandyID launched publicly in April of 2008 by co-founders Sara Czyzewicz, Arron Kallenberg and Anthony Dimitre (read more about our team here).

This is Me on Dandy: Gabor Keller - DandyID

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