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Monday, February 8, 2010

Tweepi - the first and only Twitter Follow Management with stats..

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We're starting with some tools to allow you to clean up your Twitter account from spammers and deadbeat users, as well as make sure you follow tweeps who deserve to be followed. Please refer to the menu on the right to learn more about each of the utilities.
We created Tweepi out of our own need for some of these scripts. We're constantly looking to follow quality tweeples, and trying to unfollow deadbeat users. We simply want to do more on Twitter in less time!
Tweepi is in, as I like to call it "very much a beta" mode. You might find small bugs around the system, and we'd appreciate it if you'd report them to us using the 'Feedback' button to the left.
Update (28 January, 2010): According to a letter we received from Twitter's API Support team, the "Select All" feature of Tweepi was removed. This feature violated Twitter's Terms of Service section of "Automated Following and Un-Following". We hope this does not affect your overall experience with Tweepi's geeky tools. Thank you...
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