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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Special SEO Advice from Web CEO

Used by more than 620,000+ 
businesses in 124 countries
Web CEO software suite for web promotion and search engine optimization highly automates your search engine marketing and optimization efforts. Have all the work done quickly and easily, and get the results that will shortly boost your business.
Smart Keyword Marketing and Research Advanced Site Optimization for search engines
Link Popularity Building automated to the utmost Site error troubleshooting and usability testing
Customizable and accurate Ranking and Link Reports Real-time detailed site visitor and conversion reports
Website Uptime Monitoring and Reporting Professional training in SEM and Internet Marketing
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Testimonials: Clients:
“I use Web CEO everyday at work. In fact, I hounded the CEO into purchasing the Professional Un-leashed edition with which he is very satisfied that I did.
I think Web CEO is "the" SEO/SEM tool to use that far out runs any of the competition around today or, in my opinion, anything that could be dreamed up in the future, as you guys have created a sensational, professional and substantial piece of marketing genius that was profoundly necessary for the professional SEO Marketer like me.”
Steven J. Ram
Project Manager
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“I bought a copy ... on the 14th and today I am No.1 of Google for “Website Design Fleet” and for “Monthly Maintenance Plans” and rank well for several other keywords too.
Many thanks for such a great product!”
Andy Allen

“It's very refreshing to find a company that actually cares about this sort of feedback and takes the time to respond quickly to customer concerns. I've been in a "customer service" roll for almost 8 years now, Telecommunications and IT in general, I greatly appreciate the level of customer service that you have been providing me.”
Paul Wells

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