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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YouTube Translation Should Help Globalize Videos

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New Translation Options Unveiled
A few months back, YouTube started including captions and subtitles on videos, and now to compliment this feature, they have added a translation feature, built on Google Translate.
To utilize this feature when you are watching a video:
1. Mouse-over the arrow button in the bottom right-hand corner of the video.
2. Turn Captions on by clicking on the "CC" button that appears.
3. Once the captions are on, mouse over the small arrow next to th4e "CC" button, and you will bring up a menu.
YouTube Translation
4. Select "Translate" from the menu, and you will bring up a box with a couple of pull-down menus from which you can select your language preferences.
YouTube Translation
"When you add captions to your video in one language, it will be readable to almost everybody through auto translate," writes the YouTube Team in a blog post. "While machine translation is not perfect, we hope this will help creators to offer you a better understanding of their videos."
It should definitley help do that. Business could take advantage of this feature when looking to reach global audiences. Viral videos could have a much wider reach now.

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