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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facebook Places boosts Foursquare awareness and users

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Long-rumoured as a 'Foursquare-killer', Facebook Places, a geolocation tool for the already wildly successful social networking site, has reported spurred growth in the location market leader, Foursquare.
According to chief executive Dennis Crowley, since the launch of Places, Foursquare saw its "biggest day ever in terms of new signups."
Foursquare is currently the most successful location-based social tool in terms of user numbers and revenues. The service allows users to 'check in' to establishments - including bars and restaurants or local attractions - and reap rewards if offered by the particular business.
Mimicking one of Foursquare's key features, Facebook Places also allows users to check in upon arrival at their favourite hang-out spots. However, that's where the similarities seem to end for the two competing applications.
Both available as mobile handset applications, which make use of a phone's built-in GPS chip, Places does not currently have a rewards system in place with local businesses. With Foursquare, top visitors can become 'mayors' of select locations, where often the business in question will reward them with free or discount goods.
At present, the Big Blue F's new venture only functions as a tool to let other friends within a social network know where to find you, and this could prompt users to investigate Foursquare, which features more comprehensive technologies.
In addition, whereas Places has only infiltrated specific markets of the United States, as Facebook tries to configure how much capacity will be taken up by user information related to the service, Foursquare is available in locations worldwide.
However, as the Places feature matures, the webbing world could be faced with yet another David v Goliath battle, as the half-billion users of Facebook, or even its 150 million mobile users, dwarf the circa 3 million subscribers to the Foursquare service.
20 August 2010 | Author: J. Morton Search Copywriter
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