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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to use tweetscript

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Tweetscript is a simple yet powerful way to build smart tweets. A smart tweet is dynamic. It allows you to construct simple or complex rules to create database-driven tweets.
Whenever one of these dynamic tweet is tweeted, it will use the rules you specify with tweetscript to build your message: this will result in new, unique tweets each and every time you reuse the same message.
Every tweetscript command should be enclosed in [brackets].
When we detect that one of your tweets uses tweetscript, we include a little "test" icon that lets you experiment and see an example of the resulting tweet without actually tweeting it!
This feature helps you build re-usable tweets that let you customize and personalize common tweeting tasks. We will be adding more rules-based syntax soon. Please note, we are firmly against Twitter spam, and we ask that you read and conform to our Rules of the Road, as well as Twitter's Terms of Service.
Do not use our system to send duplicate tweets (or tweets that closely resemble one another). As we adhere to Twitter's Terms of Service, we require that all tweets sent through our system are substantively different. This means: do not use Tweet Spinner to send duplicate tweets. Fortunately, tweetscript offers you the ability to customize and personalize rules-based tweets. However, do not use our language to "sneak past" the duplicate tweets limitation by changing one or two words for each tweet. Please ensure that your tweets are timely, topical, spam-free, substantively different from one another, and enhance the Twitter experience for readers (rather than contributing to tweet "pollution").

Quick start

What follows is a very simple example of how to use tweetscript to make a tweet dynamic. Please scroll to the bottom to see a complete list of all current syntax that you can use.
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