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Monday, August 17, 2009

More accurate and faster than the speed of Google's new look!

Google File SystemImage by lukedbaker via Flickr
Google will not search pages, polished look, but the speed and the engine is found to build up again - in time to the development phase is expected to review the changes. Caffeine baptized in the name of the new Search Google for the usual Puritan, built on a Spartan look, which is clearly a good move for the mogul on the Internet - no need to continue to design, the important thing is the service speed and quality. The web is already found in the writings of the most important issues in conformity with a summary of the first detailed results of tests and interviews detailing the changes are real consequences.
They can be smarter already after reading the brilliant innovations in relation to Google, of course, what the average user is not necessarily required, since the outcome is usually the same as you are wont: a quick and easy searches, reliable hit rate. These experts, however, the company that there is still room for improvement, the two-year project (which is the Google File System, which covers the development of the GFS), the first slow to show results. These are clearly visible on the basis of the first tests of the new search engine in a number of kills, and provides more accurate, faster and it makes an average of about 0.2 seconds lefaragva most of the time required.
Particular attention is paid to the new sites on the Internet to index changes, which are also accelerated to seek more accurate, more effective. Although this almost every day to change, modify, the recent development in a comprehensive enough to give a specific name. The makers of the new engine is much more flexible and more power, opportunity predecessor, which was also recorded by the companies and then exploited when the search results will be sorted out. What users are happy to be that Google does not stand watching the competitors attempt, whether the presentation of a brand new search engine, or against a specific alliance.
The comScore survey, while interesting results have been published in which Google continues to be confident in leading the search market (the United States, 65 per cent share), but also show that the solutions are used to make a better turn to rival search engine company in service. Google is much more user loyalty, they are much less likely to use fanyalodnak the competition platform, and a month, almost twice as many searches are settled.

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