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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What could be the web 2.0 after?

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User generated content, enjoy great success of the Community Sites crowded, but the longer it to guess professionals, whether we follow the Web 2.0-and how the Internet can be a few years later.
Community portals, wiki, blogs are now, it would be without the World Wide Web. Illustrated that the world's ten largest onine system of 950 million members worldwide. It also has been a success story for their services, which enable users to prepare themselves and on a different content. Development of the online world, however, serious challenges not only for individuals but also society and - understandably - more and more frequently, the question arises: what comes next?
"Interestingly, the content is a platform that are not owned by people with a means of technical, we do not understand, a legal and organizational environment that is not transparent. The one hand, a Web 2.0 sort of marketingszó the same as organic, but very defined and expressed the needs of users. Thoughts, opinions, photos, and videos to millions can be seen, no one is watching you a long time, because they were not relevant to the presentation of these platforms, distribution.'s Web 2.0-but this was changed due to and megvalósulhatott. But Web 2.0 does not in any way be described as a final revolution of the information society "- stressed Hans Zeger, Paralleluniversum Web 2.0 on the books.
Zeger, the community portal is an ideal stage for the fulfillment and the like to help everyone find a way intellectuals, live around the world. The group is expected to increase and thus the security, such as the basic social needs are met, but the web world is re-. If összeszámolnánk online community for all members, reveal that there are 1.4 billion, which is a serious, awareness-raising number.
"There are, however, is negative, the three users at risk. The first side of the operators, as issued in love and marketing of personal data for commercial purposes. The second part of the staff and other departments who use the sites seen in the Community assessments. While the Third, the users, who are behind the relative anonymity bújva act. However, it would be important that there is no data, but also the rights of the people are protected. enlightened one, fundamental freedoms and open society must encourage people to express the new instruments the opinions and help them to live into their lives. "
"You need to see the platforms and Web 2.0-is a huge amount of content and information is created, or is going through, which was impossible to verify. We must not forget that the stupid talking, bad advice, or gossip, is also part of freedom of expression. It is, therefore, do not disable any of the technical and similar ideas, solutions. This is the Chinese, North Korean, British, French and any other politician's favorite toy, the Internet who do not really know where to be treated in place. He that bad would be easy to circumvent such systems. Just checked and they are observed in good faith they live. If a parent spends with the child half an hour on the World Wide Web, the more technical safetly at all "- to communicate Zeger.
The writer suggested the users to look at every case, managers who are in a community and what are the goals. Only then decide whether to join in that system. It's worth in advance about the data and remove the illegal content of the rules as well. Furthermore, it should be given to provide your personal information to us. But we must not forget that even though these sites, most everyone tries to finish the show itself.
And what will come after web 2.0? Well, Zeger believes that no case of the Web 3.0, Web, or Semantic Web-Infinity. Rather, the "webje things", ie solutions of the various smart (smart clothes, consumer electronics and household appliances, navigation systems, personal items, etc..) And then create a network that people will find it hard to control. And if this is achieved, we will have to be made again to the question: in a world where society and the place where to be placed on the fundamental values and human rights?
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