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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Google took a photo of a man leaving sexshop

Google Street View
Image by keepthebyte via Flickr
Barely started in Britain in the Google Street View program, you took some pictures. The company's right to violate the privacy of the photo, which sexshop into a man, or even while in a drunken sick.
The MTI (Hungarian News Agency) provides that a program called Google Street View on Thursday became available for the metropolitan streets of Great Britain and made the full interactive panoramic photos.
Not 24 hours have elapsed after the launch of the service, Google has already had to take several pictures are from stock to the World Wide Web. Here is a photos, for example, a man leaves a sexshop entertainment district of Soho in London, or a drunken man in a pub just before the number of the eastern part of the city.
A Google spokesman could not say how many images to be removed, but said that "less than expected." Users have the option to indicate the firm, if a picture is found to violate privacy rights. But if someone does not want the house to look in the photos, you may request deletion of these as well. The people and the face plates are automatically covered for the company.
The street is the first time viewing on Google Maps launched in the United States in May 2007. Street View of the n-Dutch, Japanese, Australian, New Zealand, French, Spanish and Italian, the streets of major cities have seen photographs.

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