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Saturday, November 15, 2008

LinkedIn May Be Right for Your Business

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image By Chris Crum - Fri, 11/14/2008 - 12:37pm.
The Social Nework of Choice for Many Business Owners
LinkedIn is the preferred social network of many business professionals. It's not the only one by any means, and some people will tell you it's not the best, but studies show that it is the favorite among business owners.
Mike Sachoff recently reported on a study that also found a direct correlation between LinkedIn use and personal wealth. He wrote:

The study found a direct relationship between the number of connections and high personal income. Those members with personal incomes between $200K-$350K were seven times more likely than others to have over 150 connections.
The survey found that senior executives, who make up about 8.4 million members, have the highest average personal income with $104,000. Savvy networkers, also described as consultants have the second highest averaged income with $93,500 and consist of 9 million LinkedIn members.

I wrote about this and some other LinkedIn related information, all pointing to it being a network that business owners can turn to for networking purposes. Today I came across a helpful video at Small Business Trends, that shows you just how to go about using LinkedIn to benefit your business.
Experienced social networking folks, probably won't gain a whole lot from watching the video, but for those of you who haven't really gotten your feet wet, the video should prove to be a good watch. Comments on Small Business Trends indicate that a number of people have found it quite useful.
LinkedIn is all about relationship building, which is a fundamental element of small business growth. While there are a number of other networks you can use to build relationships, LinkedIn tends to cater to business professionals more than some of the other ones. If you like other networks better for business use, please feel free to let us know in the comments.
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