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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mood for Love ...

The coincidence of coincidences led to far too suspicious? Every evil there is something good? " My conscience was in constant battle with my heart and eszemmel? Similar issues arose in me when I "found" a real, sincere love foreigner ...
(The mood of this music is very well mentioned here, so I fit in)

How and what to start with, because when I write these lines, a lot of memories rushed into my mind ... If you are just so many things to do would be to összerendezgessem unified whole, to digest?
But:>>> what a pity that it is not yet invented the idea of direct transmission of electronic format! Think about how cool it would be ... (because you already know that, for example. The coolest fighter pilots flying their heads attached to the spec. Helmet or the face.'s Eye movements can already control the targeting and triggering a fire)
Surely now I will be back strongly since soared as the thoughts, and perhaps even the most capable stenographer (s) is not able to follow, let alone for my stubby fingers, which despite being quite familiar with the piano keys, le-le maradoznak respectively. mixed in the text bepötyizése ... must be for them, they have worked so well (!)
... Yes, it is now clear to me afterwards that a lot of random chance can not be formed there and then in St. Petersburg, and even longer before the outward journey either.
When 34 year old "fought" for foreign students are academic (this was in Budapest at the Military Academy in what is now called the National Defense University) and a hard 10 months of intensive Russian language training for general and professional military condemned myself, at long last arrived in the waiting awaited day, a capital to start the lakóhelyemről - holmimmal its huge military ládáimmal quite full of casserole - by truck, not knowing that when the early morning of the 8-storey house standing on a balcony, looked down the corridor, already comes with a delivery vehicle, a sudden I've seen people almost szétkenődve shape form on the concrete.
As it turned out, shortly before he jumped off the suicidal intent. Unfortunately "failed" to him and my "lucky" in that what I had phoned, he suddenly grew next to my late father, who are covered in his coat, and even longer before an ambulance or said. the police or me in order to continue the "truck arrived during the wrap. (My father originally came with the aim of helping to packing.)
Continued with a series of unfortunate coincidences, when the two highways becsatlakozásához Budapest before us, we crashed into the left side of a large Romanian truck trailer, and almost ledarálta the driver's part, yet also full of poor sofőrünknek üvegszilánkokkal became the face of it, let alone the Traveling Pants! Ask yourself the question: Are you or then immediately read out. inscription on the plate, or you too will be filled with a sudden your pants? I have the latter occurred when a huge bang and ...) Of course the truck tovaszáguldott like he did his job well ... we are bound to our Our car color of Kent itself, and thus fell down at the border.
The superstructure of the accident and total loss automobiles continue with further details of the fact that most difficult - and then actually making use of the police patrol car katonabarát, kicentizve I got there at the arranged meeting point / site in the eastern assembly.
You may wonder what happened to my stuff? The crash was lucky that my partner is coming after us (not the same city, moved to) know the teherkocsinkat, átpakolták stopped and my things. They are also almost missed the "a date" for this reason. (If you want logikázni: I was not with them because there was no more space in their van.)
Started to train with great difficulty and 2.5 days after a continuous rattling (in a station waiting around. 3 hours, if I remember correctly Uzhgorod, or walk Munkacs elütve the time) out lecsitultak tempers, ran out of the many "a" letter of juice, and less ébrenlétekkel but alhattuk roll your head from time to time .... only the conductor knocked on the fülkénkbe whether you want this girl, because it boils the water in the samovar.
Just for the sake of clarity, let me - since many do not know - a samovar önforralót mean, what is inside the center tank of a tubular component, is deposited into charcoal, and punched in the bottom part of the ignited (number = he, himself, personally Varity = cooking, heating, boil), so it does not make a samovar of tea, but to allow the opening of a small drain cock of the hot water and no sugar bushes ... I also bought a dozen more of it later, or myself. sale.
I can only briefly mention that the duty of the border customs documents csoportvezetőnkkel something kötözködtek v baggage weight limit because he almost missed the start on assembly, it should pop up ... of course he had left them juicy, 50-degree punch Hungarian homemade brandy torque (!)
At last, the much-awaited begördültünk station in St. Petersburg, which is still officially called Leningrad, now echoes with the locals is "Sankt Petersburg" s! That, it really is true in the northern city of Venice! Like so many, known by, the first Russian Tsar Peter, as the city's founder, to localize the disease along the breadth of channels built up, and they are still more than 3,000 bridges spanning the rest ... think about it, because there is gondola, it is not called up, but along with it can be "túristázni" Almost the entire metro population of 5 million ...
Stepping out of the travelogues szövegkörnyezetéből one jump ahead in time, or if you like one thrown in the wheels of time. Now, where were you? Yes, just where I want to continue ...
So a whole new world csöppentem, because no one spoke to me outside my fellow Hungarian, the language and in this cage is not really felt myself well for the first 3 months ... but this is no accident "took place", because - I can keep what they mean Effect - only then did the beneficial effect that is still incomprehensible to me, but I began to dream of the Russian-filled nights of sleep.
Why do I stress that sleep in? I'm doing this for the simple reason that they did what the white nights, is known to cause ama mysterious aurora - is simply impossible to sleep this summer, everyone in the street and laze in the broad daylight flooding sugárutakat and beautiful spaces ...
If for a moment felpislantanál reading of the text, then what would you say to me?
For example, that when it comes to the point now, heralded the Mood for Love Part?
You're right, but in order to try to relive with me his experience with the unique feeling of happiness, in this milieu should be included helyezzelek, otherwise a boring travel accounts, can you be poor, what you did not want to do, right?
Almost completely changed the world around me, or rather, I have changed the world around me? And if you give in to the temptation to give me a seemingly simple explanation at first, then say so: would have to assess the human, and this key role within the danger inherent in the concept of having a relationship, thus somehow!
The danger of giving way to switch to missed opportunity, which is dominant in (het) váltástól the fear, the fear of failure against the change!
I was there, they undertook the risk reevaluated the concept of experiencing happiness and inverted the order, so I took a dominant position in the shift due to fear of failure, fear of the váltástól against, and I'm proud to do so by the end of my life!
Almost did not recognize me, I'm completely open to its environment, and everyone always happy to talk with great interest and elegyedtem, because I felt how the people are nice to me even in everyday life, even though their eyes on a so-called. "Inosztrányec" I was so strange. However, before érnél found that my past so later idealized in St. Petersburg, lets you know right now if you - dear readers - that this had to learn very quickly in everyday speech, which believe me was completely different than what we have there, the Hungarian Academy 10 tried beplántálni months.
... Just a eklatáns example: when I first ventured into the store without a partner to buy and the seller asked for a nice literary language, that: ".. dajtye mnye pazsalujszta ..." röffentett only so much to me as a long line behind me swollen at the head of that "csivó?" So - what is it? What do you want? "... He immediately flooded with sweat, because I was embarrassed to take a highly educated man, a" just "plain shop assistant ... You see how easy it is to life? Yes, because it so I tried to do for myself: lefigyeltem closest to the locals, what's the good old-fashioned! It was ridiculously simple: do not explain to the seller, only pointers to the selected goods and arrange short tőmondattal "vot mon!" - I, I! The cashier was not excited, when to be grammatically correct plural possessive made it damn well kopejkát rubles, as I have done, but again only tőmondatban only: "Tri dvadcatty No!" So - three rubles and 20 kopejka na .... so much about it.
This and similar szitukat you should live, because without it there would have never got to that, we dare to call it such. a coffee shop, or even a bar to any / any Russian woman!
I must speak about what is realistically show you what we have achieved in the 10 months of intensive nyelvtanulásunkkal out there! We went into a 5 *- hotel has a bar and as long as our leaders elslisszant the toilet - she spoke fluent Russian, is - we each ordered "a vodka" decently good Hungarians, as is usual at home. BUT! You know what the waiter brought out? Yes, exactly what we ordered: 1 bottle of vodka per person, and has been dropped from the stand!
(The ice cream any doses, measured in grams, but ... imagine a lot of mental arithmetic, after what, how much ice cream we bought Slick apiece? "I'd rather not tell you, because they constantly laugh at the end of the article, and I'd rather not ... I would like to megértsz, right? )
to be continued?>>> or not to continue?

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