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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 Signs that it's time to switch careers - 1 part

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For most start at the bottom of the ladder, all dream-work may be. But what if the upward climb when you realize that it is bad to substantiate the ladder against the wall? Whether it is simply boredom, or it's time for a big change?
Many times just because we are dissatisfied with our work, because too tired, you're broke, or someone actively abuse of our days at the office. These are things that can be resolved in a pleasant resting, or a few well-placed rear swivel. On the other hand it is sometimes, to dig much deeper to uncover the causes and certainly not a new job or new boss will be the solution. Did you even everyday job is disgust, or perhaps I should go somewhere else entirely, just as the direction are you going?
Of course, everyone starts somewhere, and often incredibly frustrating to run all day coffee, or in addition to stand at the copier. However, if one of the largest coffee after futkosol idol, or any document entrusted to you, what else can give a hand, probably will not mind about it. In the beginning, there is hope that the daily routine over time, and then flows into major tasks, and are willing to climb a ladder to the ominous future hope of success. Nobody likes to be down there in the beginning (which is often much lower than we think), but the light at the end of the tunnel always forget the present difficulties.
Then, somewhat less enthusiastic about the move ... until you start wondering what you liked this work so initially. While it is the experimental learning Scam, you realize that it is not so much funny thing is, and I do not like what you see at the top. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that the reality is far less attractive than it first thought the man, but you do not need to give up. The question is whether you can to find it yourself, or able to work and made him so happy as well?
If the following signs are experiencing yourself, probably not. It should be recognized when it is time to keep some self-analysis to find the area of your life, a fact which can be fulfilled.
1st The Sundays, Mondays destroyed.
When I wake up Sunday morning so that on Monday because you're worried, very bad sign. Mean, not to pursue your work conscientiously enough, in this case practice on self-criticism. But even this has its own reasons, and if troubling to know that you have to go to work, there something fundamentally wrong.
2nd Do not respect the chiefs.
In a perfect world, people look up to the leaders they admire and seek to do everything possible to follow them to the touch. The reality is far from that, of course, but if you do not know enough to respect főnökeidet to try to win recognition, it is unlikely to attract enough of that and the way they do.
3rd Lack of satisfaction
The long hours after the satisfaction and pride would have to spend, which had been completed that day. Even if only a small tasks well, good to know that this will contribute to the development of your company, and the sense of what you do. But if you regularly're wondering, what's the point of what you do every day in your workplace, and a completed project does not make you happy, then in the wrong place, or.
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