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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Internet wasted working time of workers

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The U.S. employees for more than two hours a day Internet allow themselves at work, chatting with colleagues, obtain information on the web in their dealings with personal phone calls are conducted.

The daily average of 2.9 hours to more than double what employers expect, says America Online and Salary.com survey. A waste of time allegedly paid 759 billion dollars to the companies.

The 10 044 workers surveyed reported that 45 percent of that for private user of the internet in the office.

The staff of the conversation, the second most common crime, followed by 23 per cent of this sin.

Personal dealing with issues of 6.8 per cent of work instead of hanging on to the Internet.

The workers responded to 33 percent if you're looking for internet hobby, if you just do not have any work to do.

Almost a quarter of the way you want to view megtizedelni low paid working hours.

In general, within reasonable limits naplopást beleépíti the employer to pay" - Bill Coleman of Salary.com said Assistant Vice President.

Bad news on the net lowers that the German Federal Labour Court decided just the other day: immediately out staff member who has time for private user of the internet. But the case is irrelevant to the employer prior to the ban for the use of a private internet.

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