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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About Michael Jackson Official Site of The Monument

Now, every day one of the front page of the newspaper or Internet site, the rush of sensational news in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.
I do not want to stand in a line, and therefore tend to present something else. Michael Jackson official site of the monument.
This page can be found in all the scandals elsewhere. The musical life of prominent representatives of the pop king shared memories through videos and interviews. Those who like a sudden attack to obtain the missing albums are under the menu item so the store. Lots of links and information on a multitude of sets of memories. And the best that anyone can describe the views and share their feelings or even the memory of the main page. Those who are not fans of those is worth devoting some time to see it a bit more work of Michael Jackson, and that, as close friends knew.
Michael Jackson | Michael Jackson Memorial | Share Your Memories |
Michael Jackson Video and Michael Jackson Music

My Shared Memory: "July 14th
Gabor Keller
I like always Jacson's music

I have always loved the music, unique style, which conquered the world. Ancestor was a real talent, and I am so sorry that it has destroyed itself, and this has helped the environment."
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