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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who is SelfBank Mobile

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SelfBank brings you the world's first mobile social commerce engine, making your phone your wallet and storefront. YOU! now control all your day to day spending and banking needs in the palm of your hand and as a business person, you can use it to accept payments.

The idea

Was to essentially build a banking and payment engine powered by your mobile phone or PDA for any and all your banking, shopping, and business transaction needs, Whether online or in a retail setting ultimately making SelfBank what it stands for your bank.

At SelfBank our mantra is your phone is your wallet

You now have unlimited access to new mobile phone banking technologies with SelfBank, which will open up unlimited entrepreneurial opportunities. It's a revolutionary approach to common banking and payment practices, now in the palm of your hand.

It's a new era, what we refer to as mobile intelligence (Mi) The SelfBank Mi Account is world's first mobile commerce banking platform that is truly personal and social.

Its the most advanced cutting edge technology that makes your mobile phone your wallet and business tool, you can now attach every and all bank accounts, credit cards and business accounts to your phone and in 3 easy steps make money transfers, make payments, do your payroll, buy and sell goods, make purchases both online and at retail stores all with your mobile phone. It is social entrepreneurship empowered into a secure and neutral mobile commerce banking and payment platform. If you can imagine it! Your SelfBank Mi account can make it happen!

MI-Biz Account

At SelfBank we also provide businesses with custom mobile commerce shopping cart and retail POS gateway payment and transaction solutions. It's our goal at SelfBank to educate our members on how to turn their daily expenditures into monetized profits.

The Future of Technology

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