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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twitter unveils universal integrated search

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Twitter Search has been added to the profile of every user after months of selective user testing.
The search bar is found on a user's right hand menu bar and results are now shown in the main panel. Previously users had to leave the main Twitter home page to search the site for real time results of users' tweets.
The new search model also has a button to save a search - a particularly useful feature for people who want to search for the same thing repeatedly - that will put a shortcut on the user's homepage for them to quickly get updated results for their query. Underneath the saved searches, users are shown a list of the current hot topics being tweeted about to make sure no one misses out on popular subjects.
Much like Google Trends helps people see what people are interested in, Twitter looks set to be one of the first sites people turn to get instant answers to what's hot right now.
Integrated Twitter Search which was previewed in February and since then other Twitter search sites such as Twazzup have sprung up trying to take a foothold in the previously unfulfilled gap. Now Twitter is set to show that it can do it itself.
One thing that many commentators have noticed is that Twitter has yet to find a way to find a way to make money from its service. With no ads to be found on the site - unless you use the Japanese version - people have begun to speculate that we are soon to find adverts appearing on our feeds.

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