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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

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Since 1990, Hungary also celebrate Earth Day each year on April 22. This year, the country is scheduled programs.
Day the Earth's core, the United States, living in a university student Denis Hayes, was the idea. The first festivities in 1970. took place on April 22, in which some 25 million Americans took part to raise awareness of the planet's deteriorating environmental situation, and object to the waste water pollution, air pollution is increasingly heavily Road, eradicate the species, the disappearance of natural habitats.
Denis Hayes, and others in California was established some twenty years later, Earth Day, the International News Center, and a monthly newsletter sent to every country in the world, in cities from the crowd felvonulásoktól Free lectures, tree planting, the waste recycling, the organization of the international communications system is also involved in the villages a wide range of action on April 22 to celebrate Earth Day.
Who told you that you can not change the world? - Sounds of the Earth Day movement is one motto. The call for our country is founded on the Earth Day Foundation since 1990 and also at home more and more people feel that, at least on this day to do something for the environment: A tree planted, take part in drawing competitions, environmental quiz, stream-cleaning, and organizing village ..

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