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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pick Salami America Again!

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(The foreign partners in a downward pressure on prices ...)
After a long pause in the U.S. market will be available in the Pick Salami (Hungarian winter salami is what we called the long-term durability due to). The Hungarian currency depreciation, that is around 250 forints to the dollar encouraged Picket such courses in addition to dollars it was worth it to modify the technology to meet the winter salami the U.S. standards.
The week in Szeged, the company shipped 12 tons of salami overseas. If I turn into sales, the Mexican market also makes it a try in the Pick of the American continent, also takes in Japan. The Hungarian forint weakness, not all food companies the opportunity for expansion, as the largest export business is a decrease in consumption. Moreover, a general phenomenon that the exporting firms' foreign partners are doing our best in order to get down to deny the price. The profitability of exports may also affect the amount of imports are needed to produce the finished product. Overall, the export of the good times will remain a net food importer in the main sectors of Hungary, that is less processed food is sold to companies abroad, such as imported by traders.

Q: You can rejoice with this news? Pick of the Hungarian salami, you know? Do buy this product?

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