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Saturday, February 28, 2009

What about the role of marketing in 2015?

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To many, the unexpected economic crisis has taught anything in the market, is that companies need to be better prepared for unforeseen economic developments. One possible method of mapping the future, and that the present processes, taking into account the uncertainties, we will try to outline how to develop the industry over the next few years.
The American Marketing Association and the International Decision Strategies (Decision Strategies International - DSI) technology consulting company that outlined four possible scenarios for the future of marketing is expected.
The corporate planning in the past, mainly in financial forecasts, which was based on the numbers. This method also worked well, as long as the environment and the future was to be calculated. More recently, the financial data included in the planning of the next competitors, consumer behavior and marketing channels of information as well.
The changing market conditions, however, forcing companies to look beyond the quantitative variables, and business models involved in the total structure of tests. The scenario-based planning is to help companies that are less predictable, the market forecasts in addition to other possible alternatives are taken into account.
The various scenarios, the development of more companies realize the potential of the first signs of change. The different scenarios to take account of the following may be particularly useful:
- If the leadership abilities to anticipate or adapt to the market uncertainty is high.
- If you value the company has been costly surprises in the past.
- If the company does not create new opportunities.
- If the strategic thinking and too bureaucratic routine.
- If the industry has changed, or is expected to be about to change.
- If the company wants a single language or framework, the diversity of the dispatch.
- If there are strong differences of opinion within the company.
The AMA, the future challenges can be applied, if the marketing will become more flexible, while the various options for the design is being prepared for. In this regard, the important role of marketing within the company:
Initiative: the marketing, it must point to the need for scenario-based planning, especially if the company only focuses on short-term solutions and results
Cooperation to ensure the board should develop a common vision of the expected environmental changes and their potential consequences of organizational
Planning: Action Plan for the future according to different scenarios
The forces affecting the identification of: it should be ensured that the company will focus on the strategic point of view, the most important factors are:
Organizational structure
Competitiveness and marketing resources
Brand Strategy
Profitable growth model
And determining the forces that affect competition.
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