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Friday, February 20, 2009

Testing EU's IQ

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It was approximately 100 years ago when specialists – mainly psychologists – started researching human intelligence using the IQ – intelligence quotient. There are many definitions (or understanding) of intelligence – from the ability to adjust to a statement that intelligence is an entire set of factors related to the speed of thinking.

My own, simplified definition of intelligence is: Intelligence is the ability to arrive at a true (correct) conclusion (result) from certain presumptions (facts). I define geniality as the ability to conclude correct conclusions also from an insufficient amount of facts.
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Today’s IQ test

IQ test of innate intelligence


A test of innate intelligence - 2D images The test is made up of tasks which test logical thinking when it comes to geometrical shapes - in the tasks you will have to deal with geometrical sums, deformation and rotation - Similar tasks are sometimes included in entrance exams, psychological testing and other selection processes. Tasks dealing with the relationship between geometrical shapes test a skill which can be improved with practice, but is not influenced by level of education or social background.
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Tip of the day

Tip of the dayDid you know that to know your IQ might be very important for you? If you find that your IQ is high, you can gain an advantage over others.

EU statistics

Number of people tested in total:478947
Yet to be tested:454121053

Random IQ tests

Numerical intelligence

IQ test of innate intelligence

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