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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Please look at videomix about Me:
Account of Kaposlogisztika
YouTube - Account of kaposlogisztika
I am financial economist and certified logistics specialist, owner of South-Transdanubian Regional Organization of Hungarian Logistics Association. In brief: kaposlogisztika.
Member of: HUNGARIAN SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION FOR TRANSPORT and  HUNGARIAN ECONOMIC SOCIETY as well as FEDERATION OF TECHNICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES, but in spite of these I like surfing on the net for get acquinted with more people, webpages, blogs and online programmes.
I am a blogger and member a many social network.
Our homepage:
city logistics, urban logistics, area logistics solutions: kaposlogisztika
(On this site right up you can on click UK flag to see english translated version.)
For more information to see:
Blogger User Profile: Gabor Keller
Gabor Keller - FriendFeed
Aszir's blog on Friendster
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